Letters To and From Spirit

On worthiness

Jul 27, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice the many moments in which I do not follow my guidance from you, and I feel aware that it is always connected to a sense that I am not worthy and a fear about what could go wrong. I do not wish to judge myself for this. Instead, I bring it to you to look at together. Please help me to undo the belief that I am not worthy of God, Heaven, you, my guidance, etc. Please help me to increase the trust that it is always helpful to follow your interpretation and guidance.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Wholly worthy child of God,

A sense of unworthiness does permeate your dream character’s experience. The ego has suggested the ultimate sin has been committed, and how could this be done by someone who is worthy of God and Heaven? The ego’s interpretation of the tiny mad idea is the root of you feeling unworthy. It is what causes you to be fearful to look up from your illusory experience, as you are fearful that you will see God ready to strike you down. Fear not the judgment of God. To him you are more worthy than your little self will ever know.

Your sense of worthiness is growing in direct proportion to your development of trust. I am helping you, and your willingness is what allows me to do so. Do not worry about the guidance you fearfully ignore. Your perception of time is wholly distorted, and in reality there is only one moment. You have a new opportunity in each perceived moment of linear time, and there is no one tallying your sins and waiting to punish you for them. You are only asked to choose again and again, and you will be given as many opportunities as you seem to need until the entire dream of separation has been undone.

Continue your practice as you understand it. Allow yourself to follow guidance when you feel able, and to simply look at the moments of fear with me and my interpretation instead of ego’s. Each time you follow your guidance and get to see how it was helpful, you gain more trust in me, God’s plan, and your worthiness.

See how the “problem” is taking care of itself! How joyous that I get to repeatedly tell you that your problems have been solved.

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