Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling lonely

Jul 26, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me understand what to do about feeling lonely. I know it does not ultimately matter what I “do”, and that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. But I also know that it is helpful to meet myself where I am and not deny my experience. So, I am lonely. I’m noticing that this is not new, but me allowing myself to say it and write about it is. I think I have attempted to spiritually bypass this in the past. I do not wish to do that now. Please help me see this as you would have me see it.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Sweet child of God,

I’m so glad you do not deny your experience and instead bring it to me. You have had a tendency to keep certain topics to your self, but this only serves to prove ego’s point that you are all alone and can’t be helped. You are correct that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. Why then would you bring some grievances to me and keep some for your self to have to deal with all alone? Surely you recognize that this separation tactic must come from ego now that we are looking at it together.

It does not ultimately matter what you “do” here, but there are things to be done while you believe you are here. Attempting to ignore or bypass your loneliness would be an unhelpful form of denial. Do not deny what you feel. It is never helpful. Instead, simply remember to look upon what you feel with me and my interpretation. Surely you recognize that I would never tell you that you have to “deal with this one on your own.” You know which adviser would suggest such a thing.

I have told you that it is helpful to let your dream character lean into any forms of love and connection that make sense to her in the dream. You do not need to deny yourself this. It is not spiritual to go at it alone. Your only task in anything you seem to “do” here is to remember what it is ultimately for. Do not make any relationship or connection into your salvation. You can fully enjoy the dream expressions of love and connection and friendship while simultaneously remembering what it is all for. This is your task now. Do not hold yourself separate anymore. God does not will this for you, and you share God’s will for you.

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