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Hello, my name is Maggie.

I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 20 years, and I enjoy speaking to and helping fellow ACIM students.

My understanding and practice of ACIM has been integral in my own personal growth and development, as well as in helping me to achieve a greater sense of inner peace.

I believe you have everything you need within you, but I am happy to function as a temporary guide until you are more fully in touch with your own inner guidance.

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About My Coaching Services

The ACIM coaching that I offer is aimed at supporting people in their own understanding and practice of the principles of ACIM.

Most of my clients are already long-term Course students who are interested in deepening their practice and being mentored by someone who has had a long personal practice and relationship with the Course.

The coaching services that I offer are online and available to anyone anywhere.

Working with Emotions as a Part of Your ACIM Forgiveness Practice

I find that sometimes students of ACIM struggle in their practice due to a misunderstanding about emotions. This misunderstanding is not limited to spiritual students, but I have noticed that my clients who are on a spiritual path often attempt to spiritually bypass their emotions.

To spiritually bypass refers to efforts to dismiss or avoid or “side-step” challenging emotional states, typically using spiritual understandings, explanations, and metaphysics in order to do so.

When we are willing to look at our emotions with the Holy Spirit, we can learn to see them as a call for love, and we can learn to use them as part of our forgiveness practice.

Living a Guided Life

It is my joy to help my clients learn to live a life guided by their inner teacher. Following the calm, still voice in the psyche results in clarity and confidence about what to do next, and it allows one to be driven by inspiration rather than fear and shame. I find that learning to work with emotions as part of the forgiveness practice helps my clients to feel that they are living a guided life.

Learn ways to more confidently differentiate between the voice of the ego and the voice of the inner teacher (Spirit, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc).

Be guided in developing a trusting relationship with your inner teacher, who is your ultimate guide and will eventually replace the need for any “external” guidance.

Leave the coaching service with a confidence that your inner teacher goes with you wherever you go and will show you how to use everything you experience for salvation.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, please contact me for a free consultation.


“What I received was a mighty companion on my journey to peace. Maggie was an attentive listener and quickly earned my trust. She found valuable nuggets in my words that led me to recognize them as stepping stones to my own self love. Her ability to relate to what I was going through and offer her "go to" solutions was always impeccable and on target.”

“I felt safe, heard and confident I had found answers to what was beneath all my grief. I practice daily the tools she helped me find. I will be forever grateful to her as I continue to navigate my family's journey knowing I have someone to turn to for loving guidance, helping me return to peace.”

“I began working with Maggie after a difficult life transition and meeting with her is such a joy that I have not stopped. To meet with Maggie is to join together in a spirit-filled way, because the visits are always supportive and inspiring. Maggie shares passages from A Course in Miracles that are both immediately helpful and also marinate over the longer term, often with unexpected results. Thank you for doing this wonderful work, Maggie. I am truly grateful.”

“Since connecting with you I’ve felt my prayer work turbocharged, in alignment with ACIM principles. Long walks and talks out loud have dislodged a lot of psychic burden and weight. Thank you for meeting me exactly where I’m at.”

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