Letters To and From Spirit

On disruption

Jul 28, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice that I become very fearful and guilty if I perceive that I have disrupted something. It feels like my dream character has a tendency to be a disruptor, as much as I do not like and do not want this. I fear I’ve been bad. I fear others are upset with me. I feel angry at myself for not just keeping my mouth shut. And yet, at the same time, part of me knows that it is not possible for me to do something “wrong.” And I know that this fear and guilt and anger has to be ego.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


The ego is the disruptor - the disruptor of peace. What you really are is not capable of disrupting, as there is no way to disrupt Heaven. Whenever you see yourself as the disruptor you are confusing what you are with the little self, and you are listening to ego’s interpretation of the script. Let not this interpretation disrupt your peace!

Remember that every single thing any of the dream characters does can be looked at with one of two interpretations. In the ego’s interpretation, there are good behaviors and bad behaviors. In this way, ego keeps you busy with anger and/or fear, trying to judge whether your behaviors and the behaviors of “others” are good or bad. This is folly, as you have been told that all things here can be used for good, and this sorting that ego has you invested in is useless in terms of salvation.

Your fear that you are disrupting that which already exists is reflective of the original fear in thinking you had disrupted Heaven with the tiny mad idea. So fearful is this belief that you cannot seem to stop seeing it everywhere. Remember each time you think you have disrupted something, you have an opportunity to choose again. You have chosen again in bringing this to me now. Let me reassure you once again that what you really are is perfect and completely loved by God, unable to be changed, and in a reality that is unable to be disrupted. This remains true no matter what your dream character appears to do here.

You will help yourself to remember that there are no others who you have harmed and who are judging you. Remember it is all one Self. You are only doing this to yourself, and only in an illusory dream.

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