Letters To and From Spirit

On delaying

Jul 31, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice that I am delaying, and I see how much of what I “do” here is symbolic of putting space between myself and the solution. I see “evidence” that I am separate from love, “evidence” that I’m not there yet, and I see how it is only my own belief seeming to make it so. I do not judge myself for this, but I am willing to be helped with the sick part of my mind that values delaying and holding myself separate. Please help me to remember that my problems have been solved.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


There is a part of your mind that is the source of delaying and holding yourself separate. As you bring this to me, you allow me to remind you that you are not that part. What you truly are is not capable of delay, as what you truly are is timeless. What you truly are is not capable of being held separate, as what you truly are is not bound by space. Return to remembering this with me now, and let us look at the little self together.

You have written to me about unworthiness and lack of trust, and here you see the little self operating from these beliefs. It is only a self who feels unworthy who would delay, as delaying is a symptom of fear. As you notice the part of you who wishes to delay, you notice the little self who is fearful she is not forgiven. She is not sure she is worthy, and does not trust that God will not strike her down. Delay seems to be her only hope for survival. But to delay only seems to keep real that which has no basis in reality.

Be not fooled that you are this little self who is frantically throwing up blocks to “protect” herself from the love of God. You can love her even as you remember that you are not her. She is not real, but in loving her will you notice that the fear lessens. In loving her will you feel more worthy, not because the little self is real, but because love is your natural state. You do not make her real by loving her and looking at her gently with me. Instead, you help yourself to remember you are not her while simultaneously forgiving your self for the mistaken belief.

It is only your own judgment that you are running from and that causes you to delay. As you practice noticing the little self and not judging her for her misperceptions, you will become more and more aware that you are only doing this to yourself.

Do not use this fact to beat yourself down! Rejoice that you are only doing this to yourself, as this is how you will remember that all your problems have been solved.

The Son of God is free. Your only task is to love yourself back to the memory that this is true.

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