Letters To and From Spirit

On specialness

Aug 1, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice moments in which I am seeing myself or someone else as special, and I’d like to make sure I am looking at this with you. I know you have told me to love my self and my brothers, and to not make any relationship or connection into my salvation. What if I see someone as special, though? It sounds like ego, and yet I remember your previous teaching to me that it is ok to notice the ways each seemingly separate part of the sonship is special.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

I have told you that it is ok to notice the special part that each is playing, as this can aid you in your sense of all things working together perfectly for your good. This includes your dream character as well as your dream character brothers. This topic of specialness is one your ego tempts you to be confused about. Well done bringing it to me instead. Let me help you now.

Remember that you can look upon anything with one of two advisors. Specialness is no different. To the ego, specialness can be used to separate and create hierarchy. In my interpretation, noticing the ways that each part is special can aid in your trust and gratitude. To the ego, everything is a tool of separation, but to me those very same tools can be used for salvation.

Notice then the tendency to separate and be separate. This is what you are being taught to turn over, not your sense of how each has their own special part. To the ego there is special love and special hate, and to the ego there can be no other way. Special love and special hate are two sides of the same illusory coin in the ego’s interpretation. When you notice you are thinking one is more special than an other, you are noticing how ego would use specialness to divide and create hierarchy. It is this you can bring to me. I will help you to keep what is helpful and shed what is not. You do not need to figure out how to do this part yourself.

Notice when you are using any tool to make your self or an other separate. Bring this to me, and watch as I help you to shine a light on the ego temptation. Together we will easily remember that this temptation is only an interpretation, and you’ll notice that the interpretation can be dropped without dropping the acknowledgement of what appears to be happening in the dream.

Each seemingly separate part of the sonship has a special part to play in salvation. How, then, can it be wrong for you to notice this? Let yourself notice how each has a role that they are perfectly suited to play, your little self included. It is truly special that even in your imperfect dream world the perfection of what God created can be seen to be shining through. Do not be afraid to celebrate and rejoice! The Son of God is special and free.

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