Letters To and From Spirit

On fear of dying

Aug 2, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. Sometimes I notice something wrong with the body, and I become very fearful of the body dying. I know that I am not the body, and what I really am can not die, but I also know to not deny my experience. Please help me to repurpose this fear and mistaken identity. Please help me to remember that no matter what appears to be happening to the body, that it does not impact what I really am. Please help me to remember I am never upset for the reason I think.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You are not the body, but the body is the home the ego thought it had made for itself, and so it is very fearful of anything happening to it. Remember that this (and any) fear does not belong to you - it belongs to the ego. You cannot separate the ego from this fear. They are one and the same.

When you notice the fear of dying, remember that this is an ego temptation to remain in a false identification, and bring this to me instead. I will remind you that what you are is changeless and not impacted at all by what appears to be happening in the dream. And as I remind you of your true nature, you will find an inner peace that the ego will never be able to achieve.

You have died a seemingly infinite number of deaths in dreams. The entire ego script has already played out and you but seem to relive it as you look it over. When a body dies, the ego will simply make a new one, out of its own perceived need to hide from God. The little self is afraid of this still because she is connected to the body you currently think you are. But the real you does not ever die, and remains constant no matter how many forms it seems to take.

Your fear of dying is reflective of the fear that you will be suddenly snatched up from your perceived reality and hurled into something unknown and fearful. Remember that God does not will this for you, and that God’s plan allows for a gentle awakening for his son, even as the son has fearful dreams of dying.

Your only task remains the same. Notice the fear when it comes up. Remember it is never for the reason you think. No matter the symptom, the remedy always remains the same.

There is no cure for thinking you are a body, other than to let me remind you that you are not a body. How else could you be reassured as you experience the body’s natural path of decay and death?

Fear not the death of this little self. Instead, let this fear lead you to the memory of the Self who never dies.

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