Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling annoyed

Aug 3, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I’m feeling annoyed. It is a subtle disturbance, but I know that you have told me there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and that even a sigh is a thinly veiled grievance. I notice my dream character gets annoyed more than she gets outright angry, but I am not interested in reinforcing hierarchy and allowing my annoyance to pass by as a lesser grievance that does not need to be looked at with you. I suspect I have let this kind of grievance slip by in the past.

Spirit, please help me now.

From Spirit:

Beloved Child of God,

Your feeling of annoyance is an ego temptation to believe you are right, and you have done well to recognize that this is no different or less than a temptation that shows up as a rage. In your early practice, rage did stand out as a more obvious grievance to forgive. But in order to fully awaken from the nightmare you’ve dreamed up, it is necessary to become vigilant only for God and his kingdom. No matter the form and no matter how seemingly small, all disturbances must be brought to the light and recognized for what they really are.

Every sigh, every eye roll, every annoyed thought, is a block that seems to stand between you and the memory of God’s kingdom. Be not delayed by these ego temptations! You are far too worthy to be having your peace disturbed in this way. God wills something far greater for his Son, and it is only your own belief that seems to hold you separate from his will.

Notice when you are annoyed. Notice that the ego is tempting you to think that you are separate and right. And remember that this choice is the only one you have: to be right or to be happy. Then choose again.

Each time you bring your disturbance to me is a choice for happiness. Happiness is your true state, and as you choose to bring your blocks to me, no matter what form they seem to take, you slowly uncover the truth that lies beyond your projection.

Would you continue to choose to cherish being right, if you fully knew that this alone is the cause for your distress?

Keep bringing your annoyance to me, and as each block is removed you will surely be brought back to the memory of what you truly are.

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