Letters To and From Spirit

On patience

Aug 4, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I’d like to be able to embody more patience. I notice a tendency to be pushing through my days, pushing through my tasks, and I see this as evidence that I am not at peace with what is. I do not judge myself for this, but I bring it to you so we can look at it together instead. Please help me to remember that there is nothing for me to do but forgive. Please help me to embody more patience and trust even as I “do” what needs to be done.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Blessed one,

The patience you wish to be able to claim comes naturally with the sense of peace at which your practicing is aimed. Whenever you notice you are not feeling patient, you can trust that you have an opportunity to forgive. Let this then be a cue to you to return your mind to me. You have done that here. Let me help you now.

The part of your mind who is impatient is the part who thinks she knows best. It is only true humility which brings about true patience. Remember this then: when you’re noticing impatience you are noticing the part of you who wishes to be right. You will recall that you can not convince that part otherwise, and you will more quickly step back into the part of your mind where patience naturally exists.

You’ll notice that you are not attempting to create patience where it does not already exist. We are not attempting to bring the light to the darkness. Instead, we always bring the darkness to the light. This is the True Prayer you have been taught and which applies to anything that is disturbing your peace. Your sense of impatience is no different. Forgiveness always applies.

Notice the dream character is impatient. Notice that she is trying to get somewhere and thinks she is not there yet. Recall that this must then be a sick part of your mind which does not trust what you are being taught about your true reality. And rejoice because this sick part of the mind is not what you really are!

It is only through this practice that you will be willing to reclaim the peace and patience that are already yours.

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