Letters To and From Spirit

On trusting God’s plan

Aug 22, 2023

To Spirit:


I notice I am experiencing an increased trust in God’s plan for salvation, and I wish to bring this sense to you so we can look at it together. My peace is not currently disturbed, but I’d like to sit with you and your interpretation a while.

Please help me to allow this increased trust to move me and guide me. Please help me remember what God’s plan for salvation entails. Please help me to play my part without doubting and questioning. Please help me with any beliefs that still cause me to fear God.

I am grateful for your presence and help.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You are welcome to sit with me and my interpretation any time. You do not have to wait for a disturbance of peace. As you learn to trust me and my help, you notice that you are more willing to turn towards it. And as you turn towards my interpretation more, you give yourself more opportunities to gain trust. Allow this process to unfold. This is God’s plan for salvation.

Remember that God does not see the world you think you have created. His plan does not include specifics about what to do and when. You receive guidance sometimes on what to do and when, but that is because you have been given me. I operate as the bridge between you and the reality you thought you left. I can see the world you thought you created and I can still remember your truth simultaneously. This allows me to help you with what you think is happening while holding the memory of God and Heaven intact for you, so I may also help you by reminding you.

God’s plan was to give you me. This meant you could never truly be lost. God does not worry himself with your nightmare world, but he does wish for his child to be soothed and reassured that the nightmare is not real. By giving you me, the voice and memory for God, he has guaranteed the salvation of the world without making it real in the first place.

How good is God’s plan, that it allows for the entire dream world and all its disturbances to be repurposed for salvation! Rejoice that you have been given me, so that you are not alone while you believe you dream this dream! And rejoice that God does not make this world real, so that the perfection of Heaven remains as a place to which you can return your mind!

Go forward joyfully, knowing his plan can not fail.

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