Letters To and From Spirit

On saying no

Aug 23, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. My dream character struggles sometimes with saying “no.” I’ve noticed this when my guidance from you is to say no to something. I can see I am more able to do it now than in the past, but I bring to you the sense that it does still produce some guilt. I know the guilt is not really for the reason I think, but that these moments are simply bringing up guilt that was already in the unconscious mind. Please help me to repurpose these situations in which I notice the guilt. Please help me to trust your guidance.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Sweet Child of God,

You have done well to notice guilt, remember it is never for the reason you think, and then bring it to me for repurposing. You have played your part. Let me help you now.

You are correct that the guilt is not produced by the moments in your dream character’s life that seem to bring it up. The guilt already exists in the unconscious split mind due to the belief that you killed God and destroyed Heaven in your desire to be separate. However, you do not need to deny the moments that seem to bring it up. We can look at them together and use them for good.

When you notice you feel guilt you do not need to analyze the form. Looking at it together is for the purpose of me reminding you of the true content. You’ll notice that I do not deny what you seem to be experiencing in order to do this. Instead, I acknowledge the form and teach you to feel gratitude for it, as without it your practice would be even more challenging.

Notice, then, the moments you feel guilt for saying no, and be grateful that the unconscious guilt is coming up to be released. Sure, you could analyze the form and make connections in your dream character’s experience. You have done this and there can even be a helpfulness to it. But you have learned and are mastering the most helpful thing you can do, which is to let go of the story and remember the truth.

Remember that anyone you are guided to say “no” to is simply playing their own part, as are you. No one is being harmed in reality as this is impossible. What is good for you is good for all because all are one. Keep following your guidance, you are doing well.

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