Letters To and From Spirit

On asking for help

Aug 24, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I am confused. I feel you guiding me to ask for help, and I’m curious why I would be guided to ask for help from a dream character when I already have you. I notice my confusion and recognize it is ego. Please help me to let go of the belief that I know what everything is for. Please help me to see and understand this as you would have me understand it. Please help me to follow your guidance without doubting and questioning. Please help me to remember what everything is for. I am willing to see this differently.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Blessed one,

You have done well to notice your confusion and remember which part of the mind it comes from. Confusion is always an indication that you are being tempted by the one that thinks it knows what everything is for. You need not deny or judge it. You have done your part in bringing it to me.

You will recall that you have been taught there can be a usefulness to illusions, and that this usefulness should not be denied or overlooked. It is true that you always have me and that I can and will always guide you. And you are correct in noticing your guidance is moving you in the direction of asking for some help. Trust me and my guidance to you. Asking for help from another can be a helpful illusion that you may be guided to at times.

Fear not that this means you are losing me and my help. You have been promised this could never be, and that promise remains true. You are a good student, and your dedication to your mind training has allowed you to reach this point in which you trust me to guide you. You will not lose your connection to your guidance from me if you ask for help outside of you. How could this be, when you are doing so under my advisement?

You have become very accustomed to trying to take care of everything yourself. You have been able to grow your trust in me through your dedication and willingness, and this confusion and doubt is simply evidence that your mind is still split. Continue to follow me. Even if my help is to advise you to ask for more help.

As you turn away from the ego’s confusion and doubt, and choose to trust me instead, you will only increase your sense of trust in me. Doing this will allow you to see how my guidance is always helpful, even when the ego was confused. Asking for help when you don’t think you need to is a testament to your trust in me and in God’s plan. Notice how this is the opposite of what ego would have you believe!

You have not been asked to go at it alone. Only one who believes they know what is best would attempt such folly. You have only been asked to choose my interpretation, again and again.

You are doing well. Keep up your practice. I will always be with you.

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