Letters To and From Spirit

On releasing sadness

Aug 25, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice a lot of sadness coming up to be released. You have helped me with this feeling before, and I have written about my tendency to get lost in it and feel like I might drown. I bring it to you to be helped with again. I also notice temptation to think I’ve done something wrong to cause it to be here again. Please help me remember I am not doing anything wrong. Please help me remember all is for my good. Please help me to release this feeling and the false beliefs causing it.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

You have done nothing wrong. You have done exactly as you have been asked, as you notice this feeling and remember to bring it to me to be repurposed and released. Let me help you now.

You notice this sadness and you recognize what it is really about. Your practice has allowed you to not get too lost in the form it seems to take. All disturbances of peace result from your belief in separation. Let yourself recall this is why you are sad, and then let me help you to release the belief by returning to your right mind instead. I will remind you that you were mistaken, and you’ll notice the sadness does eventually come up less often and with less intensity.

Do not worry about how much sadness there is or when it will come back again. In reality there is none, and it is only your own belief that causes it to seem to be.

Trust me and your practice. The dream of sadness will eventually be replaced by happier dreams. You need not worry about how and when.

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