Letters To and From Spirit

On nervousness

Aug 28, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice I am nervous, and I recognize this as a disturbance of peace to bring to you for repurposing. My dream character is often nervous, but I know it is never for the reason she thinks. I am willing to be helped to see this as you would have me see it, to see how it is for me and my good. Please help me resist the temptation to either judge the nervousness or try to get away from it. Please help me to allow the feelings coming up to be acknowledged and released.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Perfect Child of God,

You have done well to notice your nervousness as a disturbance of peace ready to be repurposed. You have noticed temptations to interact with the nervousness, whether through fighting it or fleeing from it, and you have wisely chosen to bring the feeling to me instead. Let us look at it together now.

The nervousness you notice that you often feel has nothing to do with your dream character and what she seems to be experiencing. Remember that it is simply yet another form of the same content of believing in the separation. You will recall that the ego has told you that you have sinned and must now be punished. The part of your mind that believes this interpretation is quite nervous as a result.

You do not need to fight or flee this interpretation nor the feelings it brings up. To do either would be to make it real, and surely then your experience of nervousness will seem to continue. To bring it to me instead will allow you to release the mistaken belief and resulting feelings for good. You have done this now. You can trust that miracles are occurring, even if your nervous mind does not recognize them yet.

The nervousness will remain as a helpful reminder so long as part of you desires to be separate and special. You will learn to eventually see it as this and nothing else: a helpful reminder. You will recall that your emotional disturbances and projections being apparent to you provides you with an opportunity to engage in your practice. Do not flee or fight these disturbances then. Allow gratitude for the opportunities to forgive, as you have been promised this is your whole way home.

Rejoice that you know exactly what to do, and watch as the nervousness disappears in direct proportion to your rejoicing.

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