Letters To and From Spirit

On trust

Jun 19, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me to let go of the blocks I have placed in my mind that block truth and my ability to trust. I notice part of me not fully trusting; still trying to figure something out, or make its own decisions. I notice it and bring it to you. I am willing to be helped. I’d like to more fully trust my messages from you, and trust that what you offer is really what is best for me. Please help me let go of the belief that I know what is best. Please help me make no decisions on my own.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


Your ability to trust will grow in direct proportion to the fear being undone in your mind. Your mind is sick, and it can not be cured “instantly” in your linear dream experience due to how much this would terrify you. You have been given a glimpse of this so you know this to be true. Keep noticing and bringing it to me. And be grateful that there is a way to gently wake up to truth such that your trust can grow and aid you. You need not worry about “how long” it seems to be taking. Remember that time is an illusion that will ultimately be revealed to have been entirely a trick of your deluded mind. You can not “take longer” than you are meant to. You are developing trust at exactly the rate that was decided to be best. And your willingness to calmly notice what you seem to be experiencing and choose to look upon it with me is what you’ve been instructed to do, nothing more and nothing less.

Keep bringing it to me. Your trust grows with each choice for Spirit and against ego. For as you choose again you get to experience more peace. It is only through doing this, over and over, getting to experience the relationship between choosing right-minded interpretation and feeling greater inner peace, that your mind will surely be changed. This is how trust is developed. You are doing it. You can see the difference in your inner experience now as compared to years ago with less practice. Let yourself notice the sense of “progress.” Ultimately progress is not real, but is a helpful illusion that will lead you out of the illusion, just like forgiveness and the miracle. Noticing your progress from following my guidance will help grow the trust. You know this even from your experience helping individuals to re-establish trust in romantic relationships. As a therapist to “others,” you acknowledge that trust takes time and can not be rushed. Remember that you are the only patient in reality. You teach but what you need to learn. Give yourself the grace to allow the perceived process to unfold. Allow yourself to sense how truly loved you must be by God, that he provided you with this gentle, fool-proof method of salvation.

And watch the trust increase right along with the decrease in fear.

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