Letters To and From Spirit

On resistance

Jun 16, 2023

To Spirit:


I sense my resistance. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much. I notice myself turning away from the Gifts of God, delaying claiming them as my own. I notice myself engaged in mind wandering, and preferring a death-like sleep over True Prayer and connection with you. I see and feel all of this, and I try not to judge myself. But I would like to let go of the resistance! I would like help. Please help change my mind so I stop valuing the valueless. Please help me be more willing to practice forgiveness and join you in True Prayer.

Spirit, please help.

From Spirit:

My child,

You need do nothing more than what you’ve done here in bringing this to me. Your resistance will be undone at a rate that feels safe and kind to your frightened split mind. Continue to notice it and judge it not. You know it is there. You know it is not ultimately real, and has no impact on your true reality. You know it is evidence of your sick mind, and that the cure is simply looking upon it with me. You’ve done well. You’re doing well. Together we will shine a light into the darkness in your split mind and together we will watch as the light takes care of the darkness effortlessly. The light is a natural remedy that needs nothing more than your willingness to do its part. It is already shining away the darkness. The darkness is already gone in reality. It never was. And you are waking up to reality at a rate that you and I have chosen together for your peaceful experience. Your resistance that you sense can not stop truth. It has not stopped it. It feels heavy and real to you now, but in reality it is but a mere foolish thought that seemed to come up and be gone in but an instant. You will eventually fully realize this. And you need not try to force realization.

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