Letters To and From Spirit

On auto pilot

Jun 20, 2023

To Spirit:


I feel like I am on auto pilot. Minutes, hours, days, weeks go by. Am I even really aware? Am I paying attention? I am much too tolerant of mind wandering. I do not wish to judge myself, but I am interested in looking at this with you and allowing your interpretation to be what I choose. Please help me to let go of the temptation to judge myself. Please help me to remember that all must be for good. Please help me to look upon this with you, and remember to come back to you more often throughout my days.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

Your dream experience is directly related to your mind wandering. You are noticing the mechanism by which you seem to remain in the dream. When you are finally done with mind wandering will you be done with the dream. So long as you have a split mind you will notice that part of it is on auto pilot, playing out a script it thinks it is making up as it goes. Just notice it with me. You do not need to stop it. Remember that it is not really happening. A vine seems to be growing separate from the main plant, but it is fruitless and will wither away when it is fully recognized to be what it is. Notice the vine. Notice how it seems to have a life of its own. It seems to be growing and progressing. But in reality it has gone nowhere. The auto pilot can not really take you anywhere, as there is nowhere to go. Eventually you will recognize that your mind is truly and wholly blank while you think you are mind wandering. The part of the mind that is on auto pilot is like a tape playing out and repeating. You think you follow it somewhere but really it has already withered and fallen away. When you grow tired of it you will see that it did not really go anywhere and did not produce anything. And all the “time” you “wasted” on auto pilot was nothing as well. Time is not real. It can not hurt you or take away from you. Worry not about how much of it is going by. You are not the part of your mind that is on auto pilot. By noticing it and bringing it to me you remind yourself of this truth. It will always seem to be on auto pilot so long as you seem to be in the dream. It is only through full realization and revelation that it will be recognized as nothing.

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