Letters To and From Spirit

On loving myself

Jun 21, 2023

To Spirit:


I feel confused. Please help me. Should I love myself? I know I am not really the dream character Maggie, but that you have told me to be kind to her because I think she is me. So part of me thinks it is appropriate to feel love for myself and my Self both alike. But another part of me feels confused and thinks that I should only be noticing the dream character and remembering she is not me, not feeling love for her. I sense I am cutting myself off from love though. And the confusion must be ego.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

Love is your inheritance. Rest assured that you are not and can not cut yourself off from love in truth. Love is what you are. There is no self that can be cut off from love. While seeming to be in the dream experience, however, you do indeed seem to be cut off from love. This is due only to your belief that this is so. But so long as you believe it, it benefits your split mind to turn towards love in any way that makes sense to you in the dream. Love your self and your Self. One is not real but in loving it will you be gently led out of the dream and to the full realization of the Self that is Love. There is no harm in allowing any expression of love that feels natural to you. How could love ever cause harm? Notice how this question of yours truly reflects the sickness of your split mind. You were right to guess that confusion comes from your ego. This is always true. You need not be confused. You need not fear love. Dance. Play. Love your dream character, again, only because you think she is you. And watch as love naturally and effortlessly shines away the fear and confusion.

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