Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling behind

Jun 22, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I feel perpetually behind, like there is too much to do and not enough time. I know this is not true, and yet I move through my days seeing much “evidence” of the tasks and chores I am not getting to. It feels like a trap. There’s no way to get it all done. Ego keeping me constantly busy and trying to reach some conclusion in the dream that can’t be reached. And yet there are things to do while I believe I am here. Please help me to do whatever is truly helpful for salvation. Please help me to do with ease and grace what I feel you inspiring me to do. And please help me to let go of the temptation to believe that I am behind and need to catch up. Please help me see it as you would have me see it.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dearest one,

Your ego does love to try to keep you busy with a sense that there is a lot to do here and a threat that you are bad. You have done exactly what has been asked of you by not denying anything needs to be done but bringing the false beliefs to me so I can help you shine them away. You will and are receiving guidance and inspiration as to what to do and when. The only issue is the temptation to doubt that what you are doing is enough. Notice it whenever it comes up. Bring it to me. And together we will look upon it and smile knowingly to each other. How could the Son of God not be doing enough? The ego’s insistence does not make this true, but your belief in it makes it seem to be true to you.

Each time you bring it to me you will believe it a little less. And as you slowly withdraw your belief in the ego’s story you will slowly and gently awaken to the truth that nothing needs to be done in reality. Until that time, there are things to “do” here. Do not worry about how to decide. Do not spend time in anxiety and fear. Notice it as quickly as you can and practice returning your mind to me. You’ll notice that doing this does not cause you to stop “doing” in the world. Instead, as you do this you will experience more and more inspiration as to what to “do” and “when.” You already have seen this to be so. Rest assured it will only increase with practice.

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