Letters To and From Spirit

On being split

Jun 23, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. The evidence of my split mind makes me crazy sometimes. Part of me is so impatient, so eager to see shift and feel results. And yet another part of me is digging in its heels and refusing to move forward. The straddling of worlds is exhausting. I know I have done this to myself and that you offer me the way out. Please help me to heal my split mind. Please help me to practice forgiveness. Please help me to trust that my current experience is exactly what I need and have requested.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

Your split mind is the “problem” to be solved, but remember that in reality you are not really split. Your sense of being split is a helpful reminder to you that something is not right in the dream. So long as you believe the dream is real you will sense this split. Be grateful you sense it! Without this awareness you might never have found your way home. Notice how part of you feels crazy in noticing it, it truly is insane! But remember that the part that is insane is not real, and through remembering to laugh you will help yourself to gently shake away the cobwebs in your mind that seem to make this complicated.

It is not complicated at all. Part of you knows this. Part of you is afraid of this. These two parts will never be made whole because one is not real, and in being brought together one completely dispels the other just as the light dispels the darkness. Do not fret that you need to figure this out yourself. This is being done for you slowly, gradually, at a pace that is set by your own willingness. Your split mind is healed and you will be shown when you are truly ready.

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