Letters To and From Spirit

On pain

Jun 26, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I feel pain. It scares me. I know it is not real but denying my experience of it is an unworthy form of denial. Do I ignore it? Do I breathe through it? I know I bring it to you, but then what? I’m still in pain. Part of me can get pretty frustrated with this. And part of me feels defeated. Please help me to look upon this with your interpretation. Please help me to remember to laugh at ego’s interpretation. Please help me to let go of any false beliefs that are at the root of my experience of pain.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

Your dream character will experience pain so long as she seems to exist to you. All dream characters do, in one form or another. You understand to not deny it but to also not buy into it. You understand to bring it to me. You’ve done well. Let me help you.

There is a part of your mind that does not experience the pain as real. This part can be aware of the pain and can be an observer of it, but it does not “feel” the pain the same way other parts of your mind do. It is into this part of your mind that you go when you join with me in True Prayer. In joining will you understand the pain is a thought, no more real than any of the other thoughts that you thought you were thinking on your own and separate from God. In joining will you remember that the thought can not affect what you really are. And in joining will you find glimpses of the you who remains unaffected by the thoughts of pain, separation, and death.

Through doing this will you slowly but surely turn more and more towards the light, as it clearly offers you everything and your sad dream world is seen to offer you nothing of value. The pain is another breadcrumb leading you back to the home you never left. Let it lead you to me. Let it lead you to True Prayer. Be grateful it can serve as a gentle reminder when you remember to look upon it with the right teacher.

And be kind to the dream characters who seem to be experiencing pain. It is kind to be empathetic to one’s fears, even when you know the fears are unfounded. So allow your dream character to use magic. Allow her to seek “help” as you feel inspired. Through True Prayer you may or may not see the dream character’s experience change. Remember this is not the goal, but it would be foolish to deny any relief to the you that you think you are if it is available. Each seemingly separate self has an individualized curriculum that is far more complex than your little self can begin to comprehend. Worry yourself not with questions about who finds relief and when and why. Remember that there is only one, and that all seemingly separate paths lead to this realization and recognition. And it is only this full realization that will end the experience of the dream of pain.

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