Letters To and From Spirit

On doubt

Jun 27, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me with this doubt. I doubt myself. I doubt you. I doubt God’s plan for salvation. I doubt my own inspiration and guidance. Not always, but enough to stop me and cause me to delay. Enough to feel some distress. Please help me to let go of the belief that I know what is best. Please help me let go of the belief in sin and mistakes so I may stop delaying. Please help me to trust my inspiration and guidance, to trust God’s plan, and to remove any blocks I’ve placed in my mind that get in the way.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


Doubt and trust are opposites in this dream world where opposites seem to exist. Neither are ultimately real in truth, but one is a helpful illusion that leads out of illusions. As trust increases doubt is naturally decreased. The doubt is the darkness that the light of trust will effortlessly dispel when they are brought together. Do not worry about your doubt. It is not real. Continue to develop your trust. Turn towards me again and again, and watch as your trust continues to develop at the same rate as your doubt decreases. You can not rush this. You need not rush this. Trust is to love as doubt is to fear. See how they are natural opposites, and how one is leading you to truth and the other leads you nowhere. Do not worry about the doubt. It can not take you anywhere you do not already think you are. And you already have the remedy for the sickness it represents. Notice your doubt and remember it is simply a symptom of the split mind. Remember that the part of your mind that experiences doubt is not real. And watch it as it is undone simply through following God’s plan as you understand it.

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