Letters To and From Spirit

On being seen

Jun 28, 2023

To Spirit:


I notice I get worried about being seen by “others” and how they may judge me. I know this is my own projection, as there are no others and all judgment is self-judgment. It seems to stop me from following my guidance sometimes. It is one of the ways that I doubt. I wish to be kind to myself and not deny my experience, but I bring it to you so we can look at it together. Please help me let go of the judgment of myself so I may stop projecting it out onto others. Please help me trust it is ok to be seen where you guide me.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

Your desire to hide is a result of having believed the ego’s lies about who you are and what you’ve done. The fear of being seen by “others” is the fear of being found and destroyed by God. How silly is this! See how you can feel it is silly when you look at it with me. You do not even have to try. By bringing it to me you interrupt the pattern of simply hearing and believing the ego’s temptations. By bringing it to me is your part done.

Your sense of worthiness has been increasing as you have been practicing forgiveness. This has allowed you to decrease the fear of being seen. You have seen evidence in your experience that this is so. Continued practice of forgiveness will continue to increase your sense of worthiness and decrease your fear. You are showing up and being seen in exactly the right places and at exactly the right time. Your dream character has played her part and played it well. Now watch the tape with me. We can enjoy the show. Love has prevailed. God’s plan is good. Happier dreams are replacing your nightmares. And you know the whole way out from the dream of hiding from God.

You will eventually Know that you have always been “seen” and loved by God. His love naturally extends to his son and is uninterrupted in reality. No dreams of exile can replace reality, no matter how much you believe them. The ego is afraid to be seen because it knows it is not real, and that through looking at it with me do you remember this is so. The ego fears being seen as if it were death because for the ego it is death. Remember that you are not the ego and do not have to share its fear. And you will feel more and more worthy of God’s love as you remember this is your truth.

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