Letters To and From Spirit

On the anger of others

Jul 19, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me to repurpose what I think I am seeing when I notice anger coming at me from an other. This triggers me, and I struggle to not take in the anger as evidence that I am bad in some way. I understand the childhood ties. I understand that ultimately it is projection and has to be about my self. Please help me to see the anger in others as you would have me see it. Please help me to remember there is no other, and so this anger must be mine, directed at myself. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Blessed one,

You are never upset for the reason you think. You are doing well to remember this more quickly and more often. You recognize that ego interprets the anger you have projected out onto “others” as evidence you are bad. This is not surprising, as your ego sees everything as evidence of this. Remember that it is not really about what seems to be happening between you and an other, it is always ultimately about the tiny mad idea and all the feelings you have about that. You were devastated. And the ego started angrily telling you you are bad, while simultaneously promising to help you. How confusing! No wonder you find anger to be triggering.

Some dream characters seem to be angry, and some dream characters appear less angry and more impacted by others’ anger. Do not worry yourself with who is who and why. Remember that it does not ultimately matter, but that the way it appears to be can be used to perfectly and gently lead you back to the home you never left.

Be glad you can see your own anger in others. Otherwise it would remain hidden from you and you’d never be able to find your way home. Ego thought it could project it out and use it to make the separation real. Thank God it was mistaken and there is no way to make illusions real. Thank God that ego’s plan allows for the voice for God to gently lead the Son of God home.

You are learning to notice the trigger and let it cue you into gratitude. You did this well yesterday when you quickly changed your mind and expressed gratitude that an other was bringing a forgiveness opportunity to you. And thus what once triggered fear is being repurposed to trigger love.

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