Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling shame

Jul 20, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice moments that I feel shame, and how badly I wish to get away from this feeling. I feel it churning in my gut and I sometimes can’t stop going over and over something I said or did. I know that this is ultimately about the unconscious guilt I feel about wanting to be separate. I recognize it is never about the thing I think it is about on the surface. And yet sometimes it seems I just. can’t. let. it. go. Spirit, please help me to look at this with your interpretation.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear Child of God,

You are correct that the shame is ultimately the guilt over thinking you had separated from God. You have learned to differentiate between these emotions in your work as a therapist, but in truth they are equally illusory and can be used for the same purpose. Call it shame or guilt, it does not matter as long as you choose again who to look at it with. You have done that in bringing this to me. Let us look at it together now.

Your poor self feels such distress over what she has thought she has done. The awful feeling and the mentally going over and over it really sums up your entire dream experience. When you feel this you are remembering the moment of seeming separation, and feeling like you had actually destroyed God and Heaven. No wonder it feels so horrible! No wonder you can’t seem to let it go! It truly would be awful if you had been able to do what you think you did. Your release from this experience of mentally reviewing what you think was a major error is in remembering that it did not really happen. Your little self can not hope to truly Know this. But what you really are already Knows.

My child, notice the churning in your gut when it is in your awareness and come to me so I can soothe and reassure you. You did not destroy God and Heaven. You have done nothing wrong. What you are is eternally changeless and perfect. There is nothing you can do that would ever change the love and connection God has with his Son in reality. Rest assured that there is nothing to “fix” other than your split mind, and that even this has already been done for you instantly when it seemed to split. Your only task is to keep choosing to look at what you think you’ve done with me whispering in your ear. And this you are learning to do beautifully and reliably.

No matter what form your shame/guilt seems to take, remember this all and remember it quickly. You save yourself the perception of suffering when you quickly remember to choose again. And you will learn to feel gratitude for all the forms it seems to take, as this provides you with the fodder for forgiveness and allows you to awaken to the memory that you have done nothing wrong.

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