Letters To and From Spirit

On judging inefficiency

Jul 21, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. You’ve helped me to notice that I have a preference for efficiency and that inefficiency is something my dream character tends to dislike in all ways she comes across it. I am grateful for your help with this, and I am bringing it to you now as I notice judgments in my mind that are hard to shake. Please help me to forgive any forms of inefficiency that I think I see. Please help me to remember that I do not know what anything is for. Please help me to remember that all judgment is self-judgment and to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

Your ego does have a preference here, and it leans into this one because you have tended to overlook it in the past, as it seems easy to justify. It calls it a preference, but all preferences are thinly-veiled grievances. You will do well to not let this one slip by anymore. You are already catching it more easily and more often. As you continue to practice you will see it is no different than any of your practice.

Remember that you are never upset for the reason you think. Your judgment of inefficiency is a judgment of the self you thought you had become. This little self does indeed seem to be inefficient, and this was too painful so you projected it out. And the ego will gladly continue to point it out to you in all the many forms it seems to appear in in this world. Do not fall for this trick anymore. You are far too worthy to be fearfully projecting false beliefs about yourself and then forgetting that you even did it. Let me help you.

The ego is the inefficient adviser you do not wish to follow. God’s plan, on the other hand, is the most efficient use of what the ego had thought it had made, for the purpose of salvation. When you find yourself reacting to some inefficiency you see “out there,” remember that you are seeing with the ego and there is indeed a better way.

As you choose again you will realize that there is nothing inefficient out there at all. You had only mistakenly thought it was so, and your belief does not make it real but in your experience. Let me show you the most efficient way to make use of everything you see. Together we will gently laugh at the ego’s preferences and grievances, and in laughing will the truth about yourself be revealed.

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