Letters To and From Spirit

On denying myself comfort

Jul 24, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I struggle to allow myself to rest, and to not feel guilty for any comfort I seek out and find. I know that God would not deny me comfort, and that comfort will not be found as the little separate self. Please help me to notice the ways I deny myself comfort and to remember to choose again and look upon it with you instead. Please help me to understand comfort and rest as you would have me understand them. Please help me to remember what it is all for.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

You have noticed your confusion and recognized it must be ego, then brought it to me instead. Your part is done. Your willingness allows me to help you now.

Denying yourself comfort is the basis on which this entire dream experience rests. You immediately had a choice between realizing nothing had happened and remaining in the comfort of God, or believing that the impossible had happened and denying your true reality to play with an uncomfortable illusion instead. When you notice you are denying yourself comfort you are noticing the part of your mind that believes the tiny mad idea has actually occurred. The only sane thing to do then is to choose again by returning your mind to me.

When you return your mind to me you are accepting that you were mistaken. This is the only correction needed in truth. Trust that you have played your part when you have done this, whether you notice a sign of the shift in thinking or not. Sometimes you will notice what you consider to be evidence of the miracles being performed, and this may involve your dream experience seeming to be a little more comfortable. Remember that it is only a change in the mind that has actually occurred, and that only a change in thinking can bring you any true comfort, as the comfort of God is simply waiting for you to change your mind about its unchanging nature.

You do not need to deny any expression of the shift in thinking in the dream character’s experience, as this would only serve to keep you stuck in making illusions true. Remember that I never deny your experience; rather, I help you to use what you seem to experience for salvation. It is only a truly insane voice who would deny the unchanging nature of reality, and then deny its own denial by denying any seeming change. How could such folly be worthy of the Son of God? Be not tempted by this when it occurs. Bring this to me instead. And the more quickly you remember to return your mind to me you’ll notice the more you will be able to rest.

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