Letters To and From Spirit

On tension

Jun 14, 2023

To Spirit:


My body is so tense. I feel myself clenching and holding, and I can’t seem to relax. I know you tell me the body is not real but not to deny my experience of it. Therefore, I know I do not really have a body that is tense, but I’d like help forgiving rather than denying. Please help me to let go of the attachment to believing I am this body. Please help me let go of the attachment to trying to “fix” the body. Please help me to undo the false beliefs that are at the root of the tension (belief in sin, separation, death, etc.).

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

The tension you feel is a symptom of your unconscious guilt. It has been placed in your mind by the choice to follow the tiny mad idea, and your belief that you could really do this and should thus feel guilty. Your experience of the tension in the body is a reminder you requested to help you find your way home. I will not take it from you for this reason. But through looking at it together it can be used for the ultimate good, for salvation. You are doing your part by bringing it to me. The dream character Maggie may always feel some degree of tension. You do not need to worry about her, because she is not you and is not real. Allow the tension and anything else you believe you are feeling to be used for forgiveness. You have been told this is the only usefulness anything can really have. This is true of the tension as well! Allow it to remind you you dream a dream that you are somewhere other than your true home, and then look upon it with me whispering gently in your ear about its unreality. You do not need to deny it. You do not need to fix it. It isn’t real. But it will guide you home.

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