Letters To and From Spirit

On synchronicities

Sep 21, 2023

To Spirit:


I see so many synchronicities around me, and I recognize them as evidence that all is one and all is working together for good. I feel grateful for the experience of seeing so many synchronicities as it helps to reinforce my trust.

I notice I am interested in this right now, and I am curious if there is anything helpful here for me to understand. Please help me to look at all things with you, including this. Please help me to continue to do or say anything that is truly helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


You are noticing more synchronicities because of your dedication to your forgiveness practice. The entire dream experience is a synchronistic endeavor between all the seemingly separated parts of the sonship. You have been told all things work together for the good of the One Self, and that you will see this when you are willing. Be glad you are willing!

As you continue in your forgiveness practice and play your part in salvation, you can expect to experience even more synchronicities in your awareness. You are wise to notice these symbols of Truth in the dream and to allow them to aid you in your trust. You can even let yourself have fun with this! See how many synchronicities and signs of oneness you can catch in a day. The more willing you are, the more you will find.

Your gratitude is an expression of love and is also resulting naturally from your practice. Allow yourself to enjoy these feelings of connection and gratitude. These are the feelings that fear would have you deny. Deny them not! Remember that it is only fear that could seem to block the gifts of God, because they are Yours in Truth.

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