Letters To and From Spirit

On handing over my day

Sep 20, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I wish to make no decisions on my own today. I do not know what anything is for, and I prefer to be happy rather than “right.” Please help me to have a day where I make no decisions myself. Please help me to remember my intention, and to come back to my right mind quickly whenever I notice that I have strayed. Please help me graciously catch grievances and judgments and gladly bring them to the light. I do not wish to cherish any false beliefs about myself any longer.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Holy one,

Blessings upon you and your day. You are welcome to hand over your day to me always, and I will gladly help you remember if you are willing. It is only your own lack of willingness that could ever seem to get in the way. All of the seemingly separated parts of the sonship are blessed with you, as all are one. You do the most helpful thing you can do for the One Self when you hand over your day.

You will be granted opportunities to clear unconscious guilt as part of your blessed day. You will do well to expect this and to be grateful when disturbances come up, as this provides you with the fuel for your practice and brings you back in awareness to the home you never left.

You are loved and cherished beyond your wildest imaginings here. The evidence of this is within you, buried under your grievances and the false beliefs about your self that you hold so dear. You will find this evidence as you follow through on your intention for the day. It is a light within you that eventually will shine so bright you will see nothing else.

Go forward gladly then, and bless the world with your forgiveness.

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