Letters To and From Spirit

On seeing chaos around me

Sep 19, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I find myself in a situation that seems chaotic. I have been pleased with my ability to remember my practice as this seems to happen, but I do notice some temptation to be worried and I bring it to you to look at together. Please help me to remember that even mild worry is a form of fear with which to practice. Please help me remember that what I’m seeing is an outward picture of an inward condition. Please help me to repurpose this chaotic situation, and guide me to do or say anything truly helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Blessed one,

You have done well to notice worry and to remember that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. The worry you feel is no different than the terror you have become aware is within you. Any disturbance of peace is worthy of your practice. Let us look together at this worry about the chaos around you.

Sometimes you feel chaos within you. Sometimes you see it outside and around you. The inner and the outer are really one and the same. Treat them no differently because they are no different. This is your practice now.

The part of your mind which worries about the chaos - be it perceived internally or externally, is the part which believes the separation has occurred. When you notice the temptation to worry, you have an opportunity to choose again. Take the opportunity and bring the evidence of false belief to me. It does not matter from where it seems to have originated. You know the true origin, and you know the one solution.

You have been able to experience dramatic shifts in your internal experience as a result of your forgiveness practice. It is helpful for you now to experience that the outer and the inner are the same. It is all you. Allow yourself to witness dramatic shifts in “outward” conditions as well. Continue looking at this chaotic situation with me and my interpretation. You will help yourself by lessening the distinction between inner and outer in your awareness.

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