Letters To and From Spirit

On facing fear

Sep 18, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I understand I am being called to face fear and the many forms in which it seems to come up. I am very aware of many forms of fear that I seem to have. I notice that as I face fear in order to bring it to the light, the fear intensifies and I become aware of just how terrified I am. Please help me to remember that the fear is always and only of God - due to believing that he would punish me. Please help me correct my mistaken belief about God. Please help me to recognize this content in all the forms it appears. Please help me to bring them all to the light.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Beloved child of God,

You are wise to seek help with this fear, and to no longer keep it held in the unconscious where it can drive you without your acknowledgment. The fear of God is profound, but is entirely due to mistaken belief. The correction of this mistaken belief is the atonement. You do not do this alone. Let me help you shine the light.

There is nothing to fear in God. God wills only peace and love for his perfect son. But the ego is not God’s creation. Knowing this, the ego feels at odds with God. It believes it has created itself and that in order to do so it had to change the perfection of God and Heaven. Fortunately, this is not even possible. What is real can not be threatened. But what the ego never wishes to understand is that nothing unreal exists. Being unreal itself, this is particularly threatening.

And so the ego resents the peace of God, which by its very nature posits that the ego can not and will never exist in reality. It sees God as an enemy. The ego assumes that God is on the other side of this imagined war, ready to strike the ego down the way ego would do to God if it could. The ego does not wish to give up the fight, and thus the terror of one day facing God and his judgment is forever part of the ego’s experience.

Remember that you need not convince the ego otherwise. Who would you be trying to convince? As you find evidence of this fear in your split mind and bring it to me, you shine the light into the darkness and reveal to yourself that the mind was never really split in the first place. You find the opposite of what the ego feared. You find the peace of God within you because that is where it has always been and will always remain.

Be glad that your willingness is all that is asked of you in order to play your part in atonement! Rejoice that the enemy you learned to fear is no enemy at all! Together we will shine the light of truth into the darkness in your mind, and we will reveal the gifts of God waiting for you to claim them.

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