Letters To and From Spirit

On inertia

Sep 15, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice sometimes a sense of inertia, like I am not moving in any direction and have nothing in me to get me going. I feel this today, and I am tempted to feel frustrated and like there is something wrong. I am not interested in judging myself and continuing to believe I know what is right. I am willing to be helped with this. I would rather be happy.

Please help me to release the temptation to judge myself and feel frustrated with what appears to be happening. Please help me to trust the truth I have been taught.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Perfect one,

Your willingness is received and produces immediate results. God wills that you not judge his perfect Son. Let me help you see this differently.

Your concept of inertia is directly related to the physics that you think you understand about your dream world. Your word choice here was not accidental. Only a mass that seems to be separate and limited, surrounded by empty space, can have a sense of movement or lack thereof. And you have learned that such an object would require another separate force from outside itself in order to stop or start its movement. These physical laws allow you to feel effected by forces outside of yourself. It is the ego’s interpretation that was taught to you via textbooks and teachers in your linear dream experience - “others” who could either kickstart or impede your movement.

You were attracted to quantum physics as a young person because Something in you always Knew the Newtonian physics you taught your self were not the Truth. But even the quantum physicists will never be able to fully understand and explain the system from within it, as this is the little self trying to understand it self. How can what is not real ever understand it self?

You have since learned that you are under no laws but God’s. The laws of physics, whether Newtonian or quantum, do not apply to what you really are.

There is a constant and eternal creative force within you that extends out infinitely in all directions. In reality there is no space and time, but this is a challenging concept for you to grasp where you currently think you are. For now, let yourself imagine this creative force effortlessly flowing and extending out from you. The only thing that seems to block the flow is fear. It is this that causes your sense of what you call inertia.

What are the inspired creative pursuits you have allowed yourself to procrastinate on out of fear? You can help yourself by allowing your practice to focus in this area. Remember that you have not done anything wrong. Self-judgment will not help you. But notice the places you are fearful to go, and bring them to me so we can look at them together.

What you Are will teach you of Itself.

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