Letters To and From Spirit

On illness and suffering

Sep 14, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I see forms of illness and suffering and I am tempted to feel sad and hopeless. I do not wish to deny that which I or others seem to be experiencing. I’d like to be kind and to also remember the truth for all. Please help me to allow these forms to be used for forgiveness. Please help me to feel grateful for the forms as they fuel my practice and are thus able to be used for salvation. Please help me to let go of the temptation to continue to carry around the weight of believing in what seems to be great illness and suffering in front of me.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Holy one,

You are the light of the world. Your forgiveness brings peace and healing to every seemingly separate part of the sonship. You are being truly helpful as you allow these forms to be used for your practice. And your willingness has already produced results.

You notice a temptation to continue to feel that there is a weight or heaviness that you carry around with you, even after you have brought the form to the light. Remember that only your desire to carry that weight can cause it to seem to be in your awareness. As soon as you have noticed the disturbance of peace and returned to your right mind, your task in that moment is done. Allow yourself to drop the weight of continuing to believe in the forms, even as they continue to seem to appear in front of you. It is ok if and when a disturbance comes to mind again. You still can only hold your truth in mind for so long before more unconscious guilt comes up to be released. But in the meantime you can practice trusting your forgiveness has been helpful and allowing gratitude to come in.

Rejoice that it is only your own desire that seems to burden you, and that even this has impacted reality not! Rejoice that no matter the form, you know how to be truly helpful! And rejoice that you are learning to trust your practice!

It is only your own lack of trust that seems to weigh you down.

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