Letters To and From Spirit

On changing guidance

Sep 13, 2023

To Spirit:


I notice my guidance changing often lately. For a couple weeks I feel guided to use a particular magic, and then that fades and new guidance comes and directs me to some other magic. I have been willing to follow the changes, and I have been able to notice what seem to be “results” from the use of magic. However, I know that no results really come from the world of form as it is not cause. I am curious why my guidance is changing so frequently lately. I am willing to understand this as you would have me understand it in order to be truly helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Light of the world,

You are noticing an effect that seems to be taking place in your guidance. You are wise in remembering that the cause can not be form, as it itself is an effect. You have been willing to pick up and abandon various forms of magic in your recent practice, and your ability to remember that the forms do not matter has aided you in your willingness to follow the changing guidance. You have done well. And there are lessons here for you.

You have noted that the little ego self seems to prefer to lean on past learnings to guide her. She is prone to finding a routine or method that “works” and wishing to stick to it out of a hope that it will save her. However, salvation can not be found in the magic that the world of form offers. Only a dedication to God’s plan can end the dream of separation and suffering.

Allowing yourself to follow guidance to repeatedly abandon magic that seems to be “working” has been a practice of developing trust for you. Following your guidance and not past learning is necessary for you as you seem to move forward in your linear dream experience. As the forms of magic and the results they seem to produce continuously change, it helps you to recognize that it is not the form that saves. No medicine, diet, or exercise routine is inherently better than the rest. It is the content of being willing to give up what you thought is best that ultimately saves.

Continue to follow your changing guidance. Allow the contrast to aid you in your unlearning. There is no rote learning that you need other than your forgiveness practice. Only this remains the same as all the surrounding forms seem to change.

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