Letters To and From Spirit

On allowing rest

Sep 22, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice sometimes I struggle to allow myself to rest, even when I sense that it would be most helpful. It is like sometimes I have a hard time settling. I am not interested in judging this or deciding what it means on my own. Please help me to look at this with you. Please help me to see this as you would have me see it. I am willing to bring this disturbance of peace to the light and to choose again.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

You have done well to notice this disturbance, as minor as it may seem, and recognize that it is no different than any grievance that blocks the light. You know which part of the split mind has difficulty with allowing rest. You know that it is not what you really are. Bringing this to me is to bring it to the light. You have chosen again. Let me help you now.

There is a place of true rest within you that the ego is fearful you will find. You have had glimpses of this place, and part of you knows this is your true reality. When you notice a struggle with allowing yourself to rest, you can be sure that the ego is fearful and you are being tempted by its interpretation. For it sees returning to this place of true rest as a turning against your self. And this it wishes to avoid, even if this means keeping you from getting reasonable rest.

Judge yourself not for this ego temptation. Remember that all that is yours to do is to forgive. Notice the struggle to allow for rest, and remember your practice. And then rejoice that it has been done!

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