Letters To and From Spirit

On releasing the rules of the world

Sep 25, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I see you are helping me to let go of my beliefs in the rules and laws of the world to which ego has me cling. I recognize the part of my mind which does not wish to question what it thinks of as objective reality, and I remember that it is not me. Please help me to release the grip that part of me has on the rules of the world as it understands them. Please help me to remember that everything is in the One Mind, and that I am under no laws but God’s. I am willing to see this differently.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Light of the world,

Your willingness to have your mind changed is received and produces immediate results. You bless all of creation with your forgiveness practice. Trust that your light extends out infinitely in all directions. As you release the rules of the world that you made up, you will no longer need to depend on trust, as your experience will gladly begin to show you that this is true. Look for evidence of this now. And be glad that you can see it.

You are under no laws but God’s. Only in your dream experience do you seem to be bound by physical laws, and only due to your belief in them do they seem to be true. These rules and laws are shed easily when you will this be so, because it is but your own will which seems to bind you to them.

Who would choose to be bound but a truly insane and fearful part of the mind? Would you allow this part of the mind to continue to advise you? Fear not the dissolution of your physical rules and law. They have protected you not. It is through their release that you too will be released, and all of creation along with you.

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