Letters To and From Spirit

On tranquility

Sep 26, 2023

To Spirit:


I notice an increased sense of tranquility right now, and a greater ability to return to this state more quickly when something comes in to disturb my peace. I am enjoying this sense right now, and I feel grateful for my practice and for my own willingness that allows me to have the experience. I am curious if there is anything helpful for me to understand about this now. Please help me to look upon this with your interpretation. Please help me to see this as you would have me see it. I am willing to be truly helpful. Please help me to be helpful.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Tranquil one,

Blessings upon you and all of creation. When you bring your glad tidings to the Light you help the Love to extend and bless all of creation. You do not need to wait for a disturbance of peace to choose again. Looking upon this tranquil experience with my interpretation will aid you just as looking upon your grievances under my advisement has. Let us look at it together now.

This state of tranquility that you are beginning to achieve with greater ease and reliability is a glimpse of your True state. Nothing in the dream world can ever measure up to the splendor of Heaven, but you will begin to experience happier dreams as you progress along your seemingly linear path. These glimpses allow you to be quickened in your practice. Who would turn away from this most joyous of realities if they but Knew the gifts that await them?

Gather the signs and symbols of these gifts that you recognize throughout your day. Allow them to move and inspire you. Enjoy the sense of tranquility and remember that it is but a reflection of the True state you are returning to in awareness. And let your glad tidings extend out to your brothers in Christ. This is how you can be truly helpful now.

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