Letters To and From Spirit

On self-judgment

Aug 11, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice my self-judgment. So much of it. I know all judgment is self-judgment, and you have told me it is helpful that I understand this. But sometimes I feel so consumed by my own self-judgment that it feels like I can not help myself. And it just keeps coming up even as I practice what I’ve been taught. I bring this to you so we can look at it together instead. Please help me to let go of the false beliefs about myself. Please help me to forgive myself. Please help me to feel greater inner peace. Please help me to remember the truth.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

Your self-judgment is the problem. The only problem. In reality it is not a problem, but in your awareness it certainly is. Do not try to help yourself with this. Do not go at it alone. Remember to let me help you instead.

Your awareness of the self-judgment is helpful to you as without this awareness you could not practice forgiveness. You sense so much of it coming up because of your willingness and practice. Let it come up and bring it to the light. Be not concerned with how much of it there seems to be. The intensity and frequency is not an indicator you have done anything wrong.

You’ll notice you are tempted to judge yourself for the self-judgment. Let yourself notice that this is exactly how ego keeps you stuck. Step back then from the self-judgment. You interrupt the cycle when you do this. Do it again and again. It does not matter how much you seem to repeat the same lesson. It’s only one lesson over and over and you are simply becoming more aware of this truth.

Each time you feel the shift and experience temporary peace you have done your practice. It does not matter that it seems so temporary and that you quickly find more self-judgment coming up again. You have been told that this is the practice, and this will continue until all of the unconscious guilt has been brought to the light.

You are playing your part and playing it well. Let me reassure you of this and do not worry about how often you need my reassurance. God gave you the gift of this help so you could not be truly lost. Allow yourself to claim his gifts!

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