Letters To and From Spirit

On being stubborn

Aug 14, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I’m noticing how I can sometimes stubbornly cling to a judgment or belief I hold, even when I sense clear guidance from you that it would be helpful to make a change. I notice it now as I feel guided to make some changes to my daily routine. Part of me wants to keep doing what I’ve done, even as I can feel that it is currently not as helpful. I do not wish to fight this part of me. I bring it to you so we can look at it together instead. Please help me step back from this stubborn little self and return my mind to you.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:


Well done on noticing the stubborn little self and bringing it to me so we can look at it together. You need not judge this self. As you will recall, judging her will only keep you stuck. In my interpretation all things can be used for good. The stubbornness is no exception. Look then with my interpretation. This is you choosing again.

As you choose again you will quickly remember that the ego stubbornly tries to ignore the right minded interpretation, as it sees the solution I offer as its own death. In my interpretation all of your problems have been solved, and your guidance aligns with this truth. The ego prefers things to seem more complicated, as this is part of how it prolongs its illusory existence. It sees your guidance then as a threat, and stubbornly clings to what it thinks it knows will keep you stuck. This it believes is how it keeps itself safe.

Judge not the little self. She is really very scared. She believes that if you return to your right mind you will find God ready to strike you down. The stubbornness is merely a symptom of this fear. You need not pity her as she is not real, but remembering the terror she is operating from can help you to turn away from judging her and forgive instead.

Worry not about the stubbornness. You need not attempt to make it stop. Through bringing it to me and choosing again you are doing what is truly helpful. You will learn to feel gratitude that you can notice the urge to be stubborn, as this is what allows you to bring the unconscious guilt to the surface. Let it come up and bring it to the light. This is your practice that you have been promised will gently wake you up to the memory you never left your true home. This is the practice that will help with the fear. And thus this is the practice that will stop the stubbornness, even as you do not attempt to make it stop.

You’ll notice that your practice perfectly repurposes anything the ego throws up as a block to love. In this way, its very stubbornness - that it thinks can keep you stuck, becomes the mechanism by which you find your way home.

Rejoice that you have God’s plan and that your willingness to choose again is all that is asked of you! Rejoice that you need not worry how to fight or change the disturbances that you notice! God’s plan is gentle and you are learning to gently let yourself be led home.

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