Letters To and From Spirit

On fearing punishment

Aug 10, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice some inspirations, some guidance, and I notice I am fearful of following due to a fear that I will be punished somehow in the dream. I know it is always the ego’s interpretation that would suggest punishment is coming. But I also know to not deny my experience, and there can indeed be actions that can feel punishing in the dream. Please help me to see this as you would have me see it. I am willing to have my mind changed. I’d like to feel able to follow your guidance.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Sinless child of God,

It is truly helpful that you bring this disturbance to me. God does not wish his Son to be fearful of punishment, but this is a most tempting ego belief. You help yourself by not attempting to reason with it on your own. Let me help you instead.

It is of course the ego who would suggest punishment is coming. So fearful is this belief, and so convinced of it is part of your mind, that you can not help but think you are seeing evidence of it in the dream. You do not fully understand the power of your mind. And you have been promised salvation does not rest on your understanding. Do not busy yourself with attempts to understand and reason with this fear. Remember that it is not real, and that this becomes clear as soon as you withdraw your belief in it and return your mind to me instead.

There is never any punishment coming to you in reality. There is a part of your mind, however, that is always tempted to interpret things this way. Remember that this fearful little self is not your right mind. There are two interpretations for everything you think you see in the dream. You do not attempt to fix or convince the fearful little self. Instead, you simply choose again and find the true peace of no longer identifying with her. Do not fear for her. She is not you.

You have been told that all things can be used for salvation. This is true even when something seems punishing in the dream. In my interpretation, all things work together for the good of God’s Holy Son. Instead of trying to figure out how to avoid punishment, remember that your true power lies in simply choosing again.

In choosing again you find the relief you are looking for. In choosing again do you remember that what you truly are can not be punished. In choosing again will you end the dream of sin and punishment in your awareness.

How gracious is God’s plan that every seeming issue contains within it the way home! Rejoice that you know this and that you are willing to be reminded again and again!

The dream of punishment will end with a realization that it never made sense to believe the Son of God could sin. Until then, let me help you by reminding you.

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