Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling tired

Aug 9, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I spend much of my time feeling really tired, and this doesn’t seem to change no matter what I seem to do. I wish to not judge this and to remember instead that I do not know what anything is for, but I find it is tempting to feel that something is not right. Will I ever not be exhausted? Is there something to understand or do about this that is truly helpful? Please help me to look upon this with your interpretation. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

The experience of going round and round with the ego is tiring indeed. Remember that what you truly are can not be tired, and you will quickly realize that whenever you feel tired it is due to false identification with the little self who seems to be experiencing lack and limitation. Do not fight this, do not deny what you seem to feel. But bring it to me right away. You will save yourself countless tiring moments by doing this.

It is the ego’s constant seeking and striving that is the source of the exhaustion. I have told you this part of you is running from its own judgment, and thus it can never take a break and get some rest. You can not bring peace to this part. Instead, you help yourself by noticing the tired feeling, realizing it belongs to the one who is fearful and trying to hide from God, and returning your mind to me so we can look at it together instead.

As you practice forgiveness with this little tired self, you will find glimpses of the truly limitless Self who is your true reality. It is only through returning to your right mind that you will find true rest. Be not concerned for the little tired self, as she is simply a figment of imagination. Through True Prayer you may find she seems to experience some relief, but it is really you remembering you are not her that brings true relief. You do not need to deny the little self any relief that seems to come via magic, but do not be distracted and tempted into making any magic into your salvation.

The way to be truly helpful remains the same. Notice the disturbance - in this case, feeling tired, and bring it to me. Together we will find the place of true rest.

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