Letters To and From Spirit

On repeating cycles

Aug 8, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice I seem to be repeating cycles all the time. I can see how the same “issue” cycles around and seems to show up in many different forms. It feels more and more obvious how it’s really the same thing, looping over and over, different form but same content. It is tempting to judge myself or feel annoyed or defeated by this. I bring it to you so I can choose your interpretation instead. Please help me to notice the cycling and to look upon it with you. Please help me forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Holy one,

The entire dream experience is a repeating cycle of looking over “the problem,” trying to escape it/forget it by getting lost in the dream, only to find an echo of the problem in the dream and repeat the cycle. This is the path ego has you on. It would have you loop and loop and repeat this cycle indefinitely, as this is the only existence this illusory self can have. Be not fooled that this little self is what you are. Let us look upon it together instead.

Your increased awareness of this looping pattern is due to your willingness and dedication to your mind training. As you become more aware of how all problems are merely echoes of the tiny mad idea and ego’s interpretation of it, you will more quickly and easily return your mind to me when you seem to get lost in the cycle again.

Remember that to judge yourself for this pattern would be folly, as it only serves to reinforce the very pattern you would judge. Look at it with me instead. Let me remind you that you are not this little self who seems to keep repeating the same cycle over and over. What you are in reality is truly changeless, something to which looping and cycling can not apply. As you look with me you remember this, and as you remember you find the end to the seemingly infinite looping and repeating.

How fortunate that all problems are really only echoes of the one, and that you already have the solution which can be applied to all!

Rejoice that you can see the repeating cycles for what they are and that you are willing to be reminded of your truth instead! With this practice will the looping and cycling finally end.

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