Letters To and From Spirit

On seeking

Jun 12, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me to let go of the attachment to being a separate, special self. I’m willing to have blocks in my mind removed so I may remember the truth and value my true identity. I do not know what anything is for, but I know that part of me is still seeking and straining and I am willing to be helped with that part of my mind. Help me to identify with the seeker less and less. Please help me remember I already have what that part is looking for. Help me remember the seeker is a dream character.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

You are not the seeker, what you are is not capable of seeking. You do not need to worry about the seeker, you can simply watch it with me and let me remind you that it is not you and it can not impact what you really are. All you seek for in dreams is yours in reality. You seek for that which you already have, because in your insanity you believe you have lost it. You did not lose it! It can’t be lost! The love and connection you seek is forever yours, you but dream that you have been separated from it. Believe not in the separation. Look at it with me and gently laugh. It is as silly as the most illogical night-time dream you’ve ever remembered. It can be laughed away as the nothing it wasn’t. And in laughing will you remember the truth, for that is what you are. It is only your own mistaken belief that causes it to seem otherwise. And what can a belief do to you if you choose against it? Nothing. It is nothing. And into nothing it will disappear when you’re ready.

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