Letters To and From Spirit

On playing my part

Jun 9, 2023

To Spirit:


I’d like to play my part. I’d like to feel confident that I am playing my part. I’d like to play my part while remembering that it isn’t real and not ultimately important, but that it’s ok and even helpful to have a “part” here. I’d like to let go of all the worry and doubt. I’d like to let go of the judgment of myself. I’d like to remember I’m in the theater with Jesus. I’d like to have happy dreams, in which I feel less attached to what seems to be going on here. I’d like to feel more comfortable going inwards. I’d like to feel pulled by the vision, rather than pushed along by pain.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

My child,

You are already perfect, and you could never be anything else. You are playing your part beautifully, as there is no way for you to do anything but play your part. Your part has already been played. The whole thing is already done. It is safe to rest. It is safe to relax. You can’t do anything wrong. You can’t fail on this journey. You are infinitely safe and loved. You are embraced by God, now, as you are. You are not Maggie. She is not you. Be kind to Maggie, but only because you think she is you. Maggie is just a dream character who will disappear into the nothingness that she was when you awaken from the dream. Just like the dream figures in your night dreams are understood to have been figments of imagination. The one mind has dreamed this dream, and it is no more real than dreams at night. You can rest assured that nothing here really matters. All that matters is you keep returning your mind to me. I will give you plenty of nudges and assists. You need do nothing but remember this over and over, and do not judge yourself for dreaming the dream. Do you judge the dream characters when you wake up in the morning? Of course not. You feel immediate relief in the recognition that IT WAS NOT REAL. And you forget the dream and move on. This is what will happen when you are ready to wake up from this dream world. There will be immediate recognition and relief, followed by a forgetting and moving on from the dream, as it will be recognized as the nothingness it never was.

What is real can not be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

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