Letters To and From Spirit

On purpose

Oct 9, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I am interested in remembering what everything is for, and not assigning my own meaning and purpose to what I see. I’d like to be able to remember to ask what everything is for, and to let you remind me of the true purpose. I notice that I still go through periods of time in my day where I have no intention and have forgotten that I make no decisions alone. I’m willing to be helped with this, to have any blocks I’ve placed in my mind removed, and to see things differently. Please help me to remember that everything is for me and that all happenings and grievances have a shared purpose for which I can be grateful. Please help me remember what all of my guidance is ultimately for. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Purposeful one,

You have been promised that all things that appear to happen have been gently planned for you by One Whose only purpose is your good. You share this purpose and this will, even when you seem to have forgotten. You have done well to notice your own mind wandering and decision making with the little self, and to bring this to the Light to be repurposed. Let us look at this together now.

There appear to be two purposes from which you can choose. In dreams you think that there are many more, and in reality there is but One. But as you seem to travel in dreams, everything you think, experience, and do can be looked at through one of two lenses. The purpose of the little self is to preserve its seemingly separate reality by affirming separation is real. All events are interpreted in this way when you decide with the ego. And if this is the purpose you choose, you deceive only yourself, but deceive yourself you will.

You have been taught that all things the ego thought it had created and given its own purpose can cleverly be repurposed with your forgiveness practice. It is this repurposing that you wish to remember and that could be viewed as the purpose given to you by God. And in this purpose must you be successful, because God has willed it be so and it is already done.

The ego speaks first and loudest and tells you boldly of what it thinks it has made and why. Your task is to continually notice the temptation to hold this interpretation dear. You need not stop the ego from trying to establish its purpose. In reality it is nothing and remains nothing even as you listen to it. You help yourself by choosing the repurposing, and as you do this I will gently whisper in your ear that your true purpose is the forgiveness of God’s Son, and that it is already done.

How much more joyous a purpose could one have? How lovely is a world viewed in this way? Let everything be repurposed and in doing this do you find your true purpose already done.

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