Letters To and From Spirit

On feeling defensive

Oct 10, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice how often my split mind is jumping to the conclusion that I must defend myself in some way. I understand that this is the ego thought system which it is my function to forgive. I find myself tired with my own defensiveness sometimes, even though I do understand that this is my practice and that I could feel peace and gratitude instead. I am willing to be helped with this. I’d like to be able to remember that this is for my good. Please help me notice the evidence of belief in the ego’s interpretation and gladly bring it to my practice. Please help me remember that my safety lies in my defenselessness. Please help me step back from the temptation to feel tired of my practice and the evidence that keeps coming up to fuel it. Please help me choose peace instead of this.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Perfect child of God,

You are correct that your safety lies in your defenselessness, but remember that you are not asked to deny the part of your mind which is scared and believes it needs defense. You need not find a way to make the dream character believe in this Truth. Bring to the right mind all the evidence of belief in attack and defense, as well as the temptation to be tired of the practice of bringing evidence to the right mind. You have done this here. Let me help you now.

When you are feeling tired of your practice, it is always because you have confused levels and are now holding an ego belief that you are not willing to let go. One who understands His function would remember that there are only two thought systems to choose from, and the right-minded one remains consistent no matter what form you bring to it for repurposing. You have been taught there is only one problem and one solution. The little self does not accept this. Returning to your right mind is how you let me remind you that this is True.

What is the opposite of defense? Instead of noticing the temptation to feel defensive and then feeling tired of this effect, I teach you to welcome whatever is being felt, as this is how you allow it to be used for your practice. You welcome the temptation to feel defensive, remembering that it is simply evidence of false belief that helps you and all of creation when you bring it to the Light. You welcome the temptation to feel tired of the practice, rather than becoming level confused and frustrated that the little self does not enjoy your function. You welcome all the feelings of upset, anything that disturbs your peace, as this is the only way you can remember that what you really Are needs no defense.

As you welcome all upsets and disturbances of peace you avoid level confusion and more easily return to your right mind. I correct your belief in cause as you bring to me the effect, reminding you that in reality there is only Cause and You are Its Effect.

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