Letters To and From Spirit

On accepting my part

Oct 11, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I am receiving a lot of information from you about how to work with emotions and ways that I can be truly helpful. I continue to notice fear sometimes getting in the way of me following my guidance. I’d like to be helped with this, so I can fully hear your guidance to me and faithfully follow. Please help me undo the blocks to Love in my mind. Please help me remember that I am the light of the world and that I have nothing to fear. Please help me to accept my part. I am willing to have my mind changed.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Light of the world,

You have previously asked for help on playing your part. And you have been told that you always receive whatever you have requested through the prayer of the heart. There is nothing to do in reality, but in dreams you can help the One Self through decisions you seem to make. The power of decision is all that is yours. You have decided to ask for help, let me help you now.

You’re noticing guidance about decisions you can make that continue to help you along your journey without distance. You have been reassured that you need not worry about any guidance you fearfully ignore. This remains true. With each decision you make there is always the same decision in front of you to be made again in but another form. Remember that there is no way for you to fail or disappoint. In reality the decision has already been made and is done.

Similarly, in reality there is no way for you to not play your part. The part has been played and the dream of death is over. But you do receive specific guidance on actions you can take to help collapse your sense of time. Your decision to either follow me or follow the little self’s agenda is the part you play in atonement.

As you notice what you recognize as direct guidance from me in your mind, remember that you have already chosen in order to notice this guidance in the first place. You are receiving details about how to play your part in response to the prayer of the heart. You then have another choice of whether to follow the guidance or not. When you do not follow, a new choice presents itself to you instead. You will never find an end to the assistance coming from me to you. There are as many decisions available to you as you prefer to stay in time.

Your dream character is uniquely positioned as all dream characters are. Everyone has a part and all parts work together perfectly to bring about the homecoming of God’s only Son. The mechanics of this are outside of your level of comprehension. Worry yourself not with how it all is undone.

Let me guide you. You have been a good student and yet you are correct that fear often stops you from following my guidance. The methods that have come to you on working with emotions can be helpful when taught to other parts of the sonship. You do not need to plan or figure this out yourself. Your willingness will allow you to be led the entire way. Trust me now. It is only your own happiness that you seem to delay.

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