Letters To and From Spirit

On procrastination

Oct 5, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I know you have guided me to notice the places I am procrastinating and to allow my practice to focus in these areas. I also understand that procrastination is always a result of fear and unworthiness. I notice that I am still procrastinating on many pursuits you have inspired within me, and I do not wish to judge myself but to instead allow this to be brought to the Light. Please help me to let go of the false beliefs that cause me to procrastinate. Please help me to notice this part of the split mind and remember that it is not really me, so that I do not judge myself. Please help me to see this as you would have me see it.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Dear one,

You have done well to remember your guidance and to bring this to me for repurposing. It does not ultimately matter which inspired pursuits you seem to follow here or not, but your tendency to procrastinate on certain guidance does reveal to you false beliefs that are still being held and cherished in your split mind. Be glad that the evidence of your false beliefs can make its way into your awareness to be repurposed for your forgiveness practice, and let us look at it together now.

You are a good student who has demonstrated a lot of willingness. The places where you procrastinate and do not immediately follow your guidance are places in which you feel more vulnerable and fearful due to mistaken belief about who you are. You have correctly remembered that procrastination is due to fear and unworthiness. It is this mistaken belief in your own unworthiness that you can offer up to the Light.

You have also been taught that your lack of belief in your inherent worthiness is not actually humility but is an affront against God and his will for you. Remember that it is one of the ego’s favorite toys to try to define itself as separate from what God created. This sense of “humility”, which can cause you to procrastinate, is really a cover for fear and denial of God’s word. It is a toy that you would best be helped by putting down.

Remember that true humility is to accept what you have been taught about your reality and your function because it is the Word of God. When you notice you are procrastinating, remember that this is ultimately a sign of arrogance in believing that you are something God wills that you are not. Would you continue to deny the Word of God? Would you prefer the ego’s toys over the gifts of God?

Worry not about the guidance that you do not follow. Remember that you can do no wrong. But allow this form of procrastination to remind you of the original content of mistaken belief about yourself that it is your function to forgive. The Son of God is free, and you will only stop procrastinating in accepting this Truth once the unconscious fear has been completely dissolved by the Light.

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