Letters To and From Spirit

On jealousy

Oct 4, 2023

To Spirit:


Please help me. I notice moments when I feel jealous of what a brother has or is doing, and I recognize this as a disturbance of peace which I can bring to my forgiveness practice. I notice that this particular disturbance has been occurring frequently for me lately, and that it is often accompanied by a fear that I am lacking something important that I need. I am curious if there is anything else helpful for me to understand about this. Please help me to remember that I do not lack anything, and that there is no one out there who has something I do not. Please help me to notice this evidence of false belief when it comes up, and quickly and gladly hand it over for repurposing. Please help me to forgive.

Spirit, please help me.

From Spirit:

Sweet child of God,

All of creation has been given you. There is nothing that you lack and nothing that is not within. This is not your experience in the dream, however. The dream character does seem to experience lack, and there are certainly many ways in which she seems to be limited. It is only through holding and believing such a fearful interpretation that one could feel jealous. You have done well to notice all of the indications that it is time to turn towards your practice. Let me help you now.

There is a part of your mind which remembers that this world you have dreamt up is not befitting of what you truly Are. Part of you knows you deserve more, and on this point it is not wrong. The point of error is the mistaken belief in the reality of this dream world instead of remembering to laugh at the idea. It is only this that can cause a fearful and jealous reaction, and it is only your unwillingness to let the belief go that could cause you to seem to remain stuck in those feelings.

The One who Knows the Truth of his practice would feel joy and gratitude in noticing the temptation to feel fearful and jealous. The One who Knows sees in this forgiveness practice the whole way out of this sad excuse for a world. No dreams of lack and limitation and death will contain Him. He is already free.

Be glad that part of you Knows you are deserving of so much more! Rejoice that your Truth is that you already have all that you could ever need! And allow gratitude to well up in place of jealousy as you bring the darkness to the Light within your mind.

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